The Great Leviathan ( New Island )


The Life of Howe Peter Browne,  2nd Marquess of Sligo 1788-1845 by Author Anne chambers 


About the Book 

From Ireland, England, France, Austria, Greece, Turkey and Italy to America and the West Indies, overflowing with historic events, from the French Revolution to the Great Irish Famine, with a cast of the famous and infamous, Howe Peter Browne, 2nd Marquess of Sligo, lived life to the absolute limits. 

Privileged yet compassionate, charismatic yet flawed, Regency Buck, Irish landlord, West Indian plantation owner, Knight of St Patrick, Privy Counsellor, intrepid traveller, intimate of kings, emperors and despots, favoured guest in the fashionable salons of London and Paris, patron of artists and pugilists, founder of the Irish Turf Club, friend and fellow traveller of Lord Byron, treasure-seeker, spy, sailor and jailbird, as well as the father of fifteen children, the astonishing range and diversity of Sligo’s life is breathtaking. 

From a youth of hedonistic self-indulgence in Regency England to a reforming, responsible, wellintentioned legislator and landlord, Sligo became enshrined in the history of Jamaica as ‘Emancipator of the Slaves’ and in Ireland as ‘The Poor Man’s Friend’ during the most difficult of times. 

Eight years in the writing and sourced from over 15,000 primary contemporary manuscripts located by the author in private and public archives around the world, The Great Leviathan sheds new light on significant historical events and on the people who shaped them in Ireland, England, Europe and the West Indies during a period of momentous political turbulence and change. 



Anne Chambers is one of the exceptions with that quality, in historians rare, of seeing, feeling and understanding the period she writes about as if she were a contemporary.’ - Irish Independent 


About the Author 

Anne Chambers is a biographer, novelist and screenwriter. Her books include Granuaile: Grace O’Malley – Ireland’s Pirate Queen, Eleanor, Countess of Desmond, La Sheridan: Adorable Diva, Ranji: Maharajah of Connemara, At Arm’s Length: Aristocrats in the Republic of Ireland and TK Whitaker: Portrait of a Patriot.  

Her books have been the subject of TV and radio documentaries for Discovery, the Learning Channel, the Travel Channel, RTÉ, Lyric FM and the BBC.


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COMING HOME | A Short Film


Coming Home is an uplifting and enlightening story of one woman’s journey to recovery from breast cancer. 

It evolved out of a short story, previously short-listed for the Hennessy Literary Awards by author Anne Chambers who wrote the screenplay.

Coming Home is directed by Lisa Mulcahy (The Clinic) and stars the Tony-nominated and IFTA award-winning actress Dawn Bradfield, supported by Simon O’Gorman, Maria McDermottroe, Theo Kirwan, Joey O’Sullivan and Holly Gregg. It is produced by Tile Films Ltd and funded by Nawrik, a not-for-profit family trust.

Coming Home is both a creative film and also an innovative and valuable aid in spreading the message of early detection and positivity in the fight against breast cancer. 

The film is available free to any organisation/group/individual who wishes to avail of it as a support or fundraising tool in spreading the message of making cancer less frightening by enlightening.


Click this link to view the film





Clare Island Abbey, traditional resting place of GRANUAILE, Anne with director/producer Cat Lewis and presenter Clare McMullan for the filming of the BBC - SONGS OF PRAISE - to be broadcast on Sunday 3 September 4-6pm

Artist Under Oath at the Louis burgh Literary Festival

Author Anne chambers with NEIL PAUL manager of the fabulous Books@One at talk Biography - The Artist Under Oath at the Louis burgh Literary Festival on Friday, 18 August.

Much thanks to a really great audience and to Brid and Neil for their hospitality.


For years the idea of a screen version of the life and times of the original female trail-blazer Grace O’Malley has been talked about. 

Ideas and offers have come and gone.

As Grace O’Malley’s biographer I did not want to sell her short or have her unique and remarkable story end up as some kind of ‘Annie Oakley of the West of Ireland’ or ‘Pirate of the Atlantic’

There is so much more to her life story as an antidote to gender stereotyping today and one which has a relevance to women everywhere. 

In this new more gender balanced movie era…the time for talking is over. 

Registered with the Writers Guild of America


★Grace O’Malley’s time is NOW.★

My 6x1 hour TV drama biopic THAT WOMAN is based on my original biography Granuaile: Grace O’Malley – Ireland’s Pirate Queen and, as far as possible, stays true to the extraordinary life, character and spirit that is Granuaile.


This edgy, authentic and topical biopic is of a woman who, to provide for her young family, resorts to the dangerous but lucrative trade of seafaring on the wild Atlantic. In the process she is drawn into a Machiavellian web of international political intrigue and duplicity in Ireland, England, Scotland and Spain.


THAT WOMAN is an empowering story of one woman’s quest for survival and fulfilment against a background of immense military, political and social turmoil.


Registered with the Writers Guild of America

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T.K. Whitaker: Portrait of a Patriot

In 2002, an eighty-five-year-old former civil servant was voted 'Irishman of the Century'.


Indian Prince KS Ranjitsinhji was the most famous cricket-player of his generation


Fearless leader by land and by sea, political pragmatist and tactician, rebel, pirate and matriarch, the ’most notorious woman in all the coasts of Ireland’ GRACE O’MALLEY challenges and manipulates the turbulent politics of the 16th century

Grace O'Malley: The Biography of Ireland's Pirate Queen, 1530-1603 is the sole published biographical account of Grace O’Malley, sourced from original manuscript material, both in public and in private domain. For the latter, the author, Anne Chambers, had sole and exclusive access. Much of this material was located and decyphered in its original form (i.e.16th century manuscripts) by the author and is exclusive to her book. Furthermore, the presentation, opinions and analyses in the book are exclusive to the author. The author reserves all her rights in this book. No part of her book may be reproduced or utilised in any form or media, written or oral, or by means digital, electronic or mechanical, including photographic, film, video recording, photocopying, or by any information storage and retrieval system. Permission from the author and publisher must first be obtained to reproduce any part of or quotations from the book. Any transgression in this regard will be addressed. For more information, comments or enquiries please contact: Info: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Copyright © 2022.


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