For years the idea of a screen version of the life and times of the original female trail-blazer Grace O’Malley has been talked about. 

Ideas and offers have come and gone.

As Grace O’Malley’s biographer I did not want to sell her short or have her unique and remarkable story end up as some kind of ‘Annie Oakley of the West of Ireland’ or ‘Pirate of the Atlantic’

There is so much more to her life story as an antidote to gender stereotyping today and one which has a relevance to women everywhere. 

In this new more gender balanced movie era…the time for talking is over. 

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★Grace O’Malley’s time is NOW.★

My 6x1 hour TV drama biopic THAT WOMAN is based on my original biography Granuaile: Grace O’Malley – Ireland’s Pirate Queen and, as far as possible, stays true to the extraordinary life, character and spirit that is Granuaile.


This edgy, authentic and topical biopic is of a woman who, to provide for her young family, resorts to the dangerous but lucrative trade of seafaring on the wild Atlantic. In the process she is drawn into a Machiavellian web of international political intrigue and duplicity in Ireland, England, Scotland and Spain.


THAT WOMAN is an empowering story of one woman’s quest for survival and fulfilment against a background of immense military, political and social turmoil.


Registered with the Writers Guild of America

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